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Moments of Music and Inspiration: Guestbook

Peggy Stineman

November 19, 2014

I just came upon your website (I am sure our precious Lord & Savior had a part in that!).
I absolutely love this inspirational music and teachings - thank you so very much. I am downloading your messages to my MP3 and listening to you in my car too. I love your music and piano playing - so comforting!! My husband and myself are going thru some difficult family issues right now and your messages have helped me so much. We are dealing with non-Christian family members on my husband's side of the family that apparently are more full of evil than we ever imagined. God has already worked some unbelievable miracles to help, but we continue to need HIS help of wisdom and knowledge and strength and courage and the ability to turn the whole problem over to God and not worry and stress (this is easier said than done for us). God Bless you Jonathan and thank you so much for this wonderful site!

Marilyn Harris

June 17, 2014

Oh my how I needed this right now and this has been so soothing to my soul! I was one that know that God Loves me but yet struggled as to "why," when no one else from my Birth has truly loved me as a child from Birth. I met Jesus in 1976 and knew answers that only was meant for me alone. Thank you for doing this and helping ones!

aida cruz

April 12, 2014

THAT SPEAK TO MY HEART.i love your radio station

Kenneth Carlos

February 10, 2012

Thank you for your words of encouragement and truth. May God bless us all.

jay miller

October 17, 2011

Hello Jon
Its so nice to hear your broadcast on so many radio stations with your radio program I hear your program on CHIM 92.3 in Kapuskasing then when driving through Timmins I hear you at 102.3 FM on CHIM, then the next day when travelling south on Highway 11 in Northern Ontario I hear you on 99.1 Kirkland Lake or else if Im driving through New Liskeard I hear you at 103.5 FM or 92.5 in North Bay. Then once when I was driving through Hamilton and I heard you again on one of those CHIM stations. wow thats just great to be broadcasting a message of hope to a hurting world with such a warm and comforting program with instrumental music. May God continue to bless you as you spread His word.
Thank you for being there on the air for us.

Richard Haighway

June 2, 2011

I arranged the music for Cradled in the Arms of God. A truly amazing piece I can assure you,