Jonathan Urie - Executive Producer

Sharing the Joy …through beautiful music.

Blessed by God with the gift of music, Jon has played piano for most of his life. As he grew in the Christian faith, his music was inspired accordingly and he has shared this inspiration with others, whenever possible.

  • A multiple CD collection of songs featuring the timeless writings of Helen Steiner Rice, a musical "NOOGENESIS",
  • Composition of several new songs of Hope
  • Creation of a  series of over 1500 radio programs
  • These only a few of the blessings Jon has been given by our Lord over the years.
  • A lifelong musical partnership with his sister, Elizabeth Jean ,has been enriching. Her heartfelt singing style can melt the hardest heart. Together as WORDSONG they have been enabled to share their JOY through beautiful music with others through the years.

  • NOTES FROM JONATHAN URIE - A Christian since a young age, I have walked, throughout my life, in the spirit and have been involved in a variety of areas of Christian service. God has gifted me with music and it has always been an intrinsic part of my life. I have never become a "great musician" and I am good at several things but a master of none...although God may see it differently. Somehow, 28 years ago, the Lord chose me for a special task, however, and I, in turn, chose to say "YES" and  to follow His leading.
  • THE TASK:- HELEN STEINER RICE MUSIC PROJECT - In 19882-83 the Lord inspired me to write music to 20 of the most popular poems by renowned Inspirational poet Helen Steiner Rice. I have worked for many years on the development of the Helen Steiner Rice Music Project ...seeking God's guidance every step of the way and learning much about patience, perseverance, commitment, prayer and more prayer and the joy and blessings that accompany such a spiritual journey.
  • Please check out the HSR Musical Moments site