History of MMI

The Helen Steiner Rice MUSIC PROJECT of 20 songs with music by Jonathan Urie and the wonderful poetry of Helen Steiner Rice was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on 1998. A collection of 5 THEME cd's emerged from the sessions and by 2000 the project was being prepared for market. There was some hope that Christian radio would become interested in the project and play some of the music as part of their regular playlists.

MUSIC PROJECT PROMOTION MEETING In 2000 at a lunch meeting a friend gave me a copy of a devotioanl booklet called The Word for You Today published by United Christian Broadcasters UCB.       It was well written by Bob Gass...in a fresh timely style and I was inspired by the way the messages seemed to connect with me personally...just as if they were written for me directly.                                   The Word of God....relating to my daily decisions and actions....just the way it should be.

A year later, I had an opportunity to prepare a 5 minute radio program DEMO for UCB featuring a message from the WFYT devotional complete with music from the Helen Steiner Rice collections of 20 songs. The DEMO was met with praise Moments of Music and Inspiration was born. For the first 4 years messages were prepared from The Word for You Today and nearly 700 programs were created. Broadcasts were aired on the Southern Star Network of 18 stations in New Zealand through RHEMA BROADCASTING NEW ZEALAND. Broadcasting began in Canada in 2003 on a Christian radio station in Sudbury, Ontario. MMI began daily broadcasts on CHIM-FM Good News Network in Timmins, Ontario, Canada in 2005 and now is heard worldwide 24/7 on the Salem Web Network www.oneplace.com and 18 Stations in Canada.

In reflection, it is so wonderful and such a blessing to see the guiding hand of the Lord on this project.........opening doors and moving it forward according to His will.                                                                            

                    Praise be to God for His faithfulness and lovingkindness.